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Power Management

Energy drives business

Contemporary Electrical Services, Inc. knows that a day without electrical power is a day of financial and productivity loss. For that reason alone, we are always available to service your business. Critical energy applications require state-of-the-art monitoring and management systems. Contemporary Electric’s base of complex energy solutions include the installation and maintenance of energy management systems for lighting and other essential power systems. CES installs and maintains complete systems that deliver reliability and long-term value while providing the appropriate automated response to a customer’s pre-determinded conditions.

We provide sales, installation, and repair solutions for generators, UPS equipment, PDUs, and TVSS equipment. Contemporary Electric knows that emergency service means being available to our customers twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Additionally, because our team is constantly undergoing new training and certification, we remain on the cutting edge of new and emerging technologies so that you are never left behind.

Contemporary Electrical Services has been one of my go-to electricians since I started at HITT in 1998. They have provided consistent service for generations of project managers at HITT because of their diligence, excellent work and customer service. If you need a quick budget, they get it done the same day. If you need to respond to service calls from clients, they mobilize on a moment's notice. I simply don't know anyone that can do what they do and do it so well.

Cliff Chow, Vice President
Falls Church, Virginia